Earning Our Company Name, One Day at a Time.

When you call yourself “Best Choice Plumbers,” you’re putting a lot on the line.  When you don’t live up to that promise, you open the door to criticism, such as: “SURE you’re the best choice…tell me another!”

And that, as you can well, imagine, is exactly the sort of comment we want to avoid. That, in turn, motivates us to work harder and smarter to deliver on the inherent promise our name delivers, i.e., that when you compare us to other plumbers you’ve used before, you’ll call us your “best choice.” Every time that happens, we succeeded in meeting or exceeding expectations.

It’s a big responsibility, all right, but it helps keep us on our toes.

Sandy and Heidi Kramer
Sandy and Heidi Kramer

Locally Owned and Operated

Company co-owners Heidi and Sandy Kramer are native Washingtonians who  have been serving the plumbing needs of local residents since 1976.  Sandy is a Master Plumber in charge of day-to-day plumbing operations. He’s also actively involved in new technician training. Heidi, his wife and partner, gives the company its “woman-owned” status. And yet Heidi is much more than a co-owner – she’s in charge of the administrative side of the business. She also frequently answers the phones, and with a warm greeting at that. Sandy and Heidi have two adult children who they raised in Montgomery County

Like any business, large or small, we are the sum of our parts. As a unified entity, we’re well-focused on getting to know you, your plumbing needs, and what we can do to add comfort, convenience, and greater safety to your daily life.

It may sound simple enough, but it’s a lot of work.  It’s also our labor of love.

Call now and let us know how we can help.