Sump Pump Columbia | Water in Basement

Water in, Water Out. We Help Keep It That Way.

In and around Columbia, MD, lots of homeowners deal with flooded basement problems. This means that for as long as water finds a way in, you need a sure and effective way to get it out. Otherwise, you’re looking at potential damage to your home and possessions. Not to mention a nasty clean-up job.

Here we are again – Best Choice Plumbers Columbia!  Ready and able to assist with our sump pump service.

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Main Sump Pump | Back-up Sump Pump

Main sump pumps are powered by electricity.  That’s great until you lose it – electricity, that is.

That’s why we recommend back-up sump pumps so there’s always a pump running when needed. Back-up sump pumps engage as soon as the main pump loses power or shuts off for any other reason. What’s more, they keep running until water stops entering your basement or the main pump goes back on.

There are two kinds of back-up pumps:  water-powered and battery-powered. A member of our service team will be happy to explain how they differ, and which type we generally recommend.

Sump Pump Service | Sump Pump Repair Columbia

If your main pump hasn’t been activated for quite some time and spring rains are just around the corner, start it up, pour some water in the pit, and give it a try. If it’s not working, we’ll be glad to troubleshoot the problem. We also can repair or replace as needed while providing you with guaranteed price quotes.

Here’s one more thing to consider.  Enroll in our Service Partner Plan as it includes an annual whole-house plumbing inspection – including your sump pump. Why not check out all your membership includes and the added peace of mind it can provide.

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