Water Shut-off Valve | Prevent Water Damage

Best Choice Takes the Worry Out of Being Gone.

You open your under-sink kitchen cabinet, see water leaking, a few things here and there are wet – so, what do you do next?  Sure, you either shut off the kitchen sink or main water valve.

But what happens if a pipe starts leaking when you’re not home and don’t expect to be back any time soon?  What could have been a small problem can suddenly grow much bigger.

With Best Choice Plumbers in your corner, consider the problem solved once we install a water-shut off valve, one that can detect a water leak anywhere in your home and promptly shut off the water main to stop the leak and help prevent damage.

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Each year more than 2,500,000 homeowners collectively suffer billions of dollars in preventable water damage.

Clearly, this is not some isolated problem.

Water Valve Sensors

Along with the valve itself, we can install wireless sensors that communicate with each and back to the main valve, “telling” it to shut down the water supply once even a small leak is deteted. That provides you with whole-house protection and a lot less to worry about.

Even better, your shut-off valve package can include freeze sensors to help stop pipes from freezing. Plus, the valve system can be integrated with your home security system.

Don’t take chances when it comes to potential water leaks and resulting damage. Contact Best Choice Plumbers now for more information about a water shut-off valve for your home along with a guaranteed price quote.

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