Water Heater Inspection | Water Heater Repair Columbia

Safety First. Performance Second. 

When you call us to troubleshoot a water heater performance issue, sure, we want you to enjoy all the comforts your system can provide. But we’re just as eager to see if there are any safety concerns.

For maximum safety and performance, we recommend our annual water heater preventive maintenance service. (Note: If you’re enrolled in our Service Partner Plan, the inspection is part of the whole-house plumbing inspection Plan membership includes.  Not yet a member? Click here for all the details.)

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These are the primary safety concerns we address in each inspection:

  • Proper Ventilation. Improperly placed vents, vents with drafts, and damaged vents can release noxious fumes into your home vs. outdoors where they belong.
  • Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve.  The temperature/pressure relief valve is designed to keep your water heater from exploding if the temperature or pressure climbs higher than prescribed limits. These valves should be tested once a year to ensure water flows freely when the valve is opened, and stops flowing once it’s shut.
  • Fire Hazards. Gas storage tank water heaters should be free of all obstructions. Storing flammable liquids and/or materials near the pilot light is a recipe for disaster.
  • Carbon Monoxide. During our safety and performance inspection, we also check gas storage tank units for carbon monoxide leaks or cracks. At lower levels of CO emissions, you can experience nausea, shortness of breath, general weakness, chest pain, and confusion – among other symptoms.

The point is, why wait for trouble to occur when Best Choice Plumbers can help keep safety issues at bay while also ensuring your water heater is in the best possible working order.

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No Hot Water | Water Heater Leak

Even with the best in water heater preventive maintenance, your system won’t last forever. Which means, sooner or later, repair issues are going to arise.

How can you tell something’s wrong? Look for these and other common warning signs.

  • Minimal or no hot water
  • Funny odor or taste
  • Rust- or brown color
  • Water pooled around the base of the storage tank
  • Popping or rumbling noises

We’ll troubleshoot the problem for you, find out exactly what’s going on, and then give you our best advice along with a guaranteed price quote to repair or replace it.

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