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How to Keep the (Drain) Lines Open.

Forget all about “Does a tree in the forest make a sound when it falls if no one is there We’ve got one better:

“If a drain is so clogged that nothing can penetrate, is it still a drain?!”

Don’t lose any sleep over that one, especially when time is far better spent on keeping your drain, sewer, and toilet lines open.  When you’re successful, life is easier, less messy, and you save money by keeping the drain cleaners away – that would be us.

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Still, we’re to help our customers in every way we can, so from our house to yours, here are some tried and true ways to prevent clogged drain problems both above and below ground.

Kitchen Drain Clogs

  • Keep FOG (fats, oil and grease) out of your sink and garbage disposal
  • Don’t try grinding fibrous foods like onion skins, potato peels, and celery in your garbage disposal
  • Dispose of coffee grounds in your trash
  • Use a strainer to stop food particles from going down the drain
  • Run hot water down the drain after each use
  • Every couple of weeks, throw a handful of baking powder down the drain followed by boiling hot water
  • Once a month, pour a half cup each of vinegar and baking soda down the drain, let it sit for about 30 minutes, and then flush with hot water

Bathroom Drain Clogs

  • Use a hair catcher in your tub, shower, and sink (or a sink strainer)
  • Flush all household drains at the same time to thoroughly flush sink and drain tubs – you’ll need a crowd of people to help you with this one
  • No matter what the drain cleaning application – kitchen or bath – don’t use chemically based drain cleaning liquids
  • Plungers still work for sink, tub and toilet clogs
  • Clean hair stoppers regularly
  • Don’t flush anything down a toilet except toilet paper and “you know what”
  • Use double flushes (also called courtesy flushes) when appropriate

Clogged Sewer Drains

  • Don’t plant trees and bushes near a sewer line since the roots can crack and infiltrate the pipes, or enter after a break already has occurred
  • Have your sewer line proactively cleaned and inspected once a year
  • Don’t flush wipes or hygiene products…they may look like their gone, but they have a way of clinging to pipes and then to each other

In the end, let common sense rule. Because who needs the headaches?! But if a drain or toilet clogs up anyway, Best Choice Plumbers’ drain cleaning pros can make the problem disappear.

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